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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  July 28, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning to you. first up, breaking traffic news. you are looking live at the beltway near van dorn street. a fiery crash has all lanes of the inner loop blocked right now. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. we'll have much more that coming up in a few minutes with julie. first, we want to start with a look at our weather today and that actually is pretty nice. we'll talk about traffic in
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just a minute. what a beautiful day yesterday, tuck. >> it was okay. >> just okay? >> well, i had cloud cover at my house. >> that's okay. no humidity, or low humidity. >> general, it was a pretty nice day yesterday. today, more humidity, more cloud cover. high temperatures once again back in the 90s. we'll talk about temperatures currently. 78degrees at reagan national. that is not nearly as nice as it was 24 hours ago. yesterday, we had some low 60s on the map. not this morning. 73 in frederick. 69 our only temperature in the 60s out in winchester. looking at the sat-rad, a weak little upper level disturbance will come through later today. next organized cold front is out toward chicago. that will get in here tomorrow.
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could bring us some strong storms and some cooler weather by friday. partly sunny skies, warmer. definitely more humid than it was yesterday. high temperature, 93 degrees with a scattered thunderstorm a possibility. more details in just a minute on the forecast. back to you. >> we'll begin with breaking news of of a plane crash in pakistan. the plane with 152 people on board went down just outside the capital of islamabad early this morning. we are getting reports that at least 25 bodies have been roved but that number is expected t go up. it was attempting to land if heavy rain and thick fog. the ntsb is criticizing metro for what it calls a systematic breakdown of safety management on all levels which led to last june's crash on the red line that killed nine people. the panel says metro ignored several warning signs, didn't follow all the rules and also used unsafe railcars. crash is being blamed on a faulty electronic circuit.
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around the d.c. region, crews are scrambling to repair any remaining power issues. in montgomery county, they are still busy clearing fallen trees from roadways and in some cases, entire neighborhoods are still in the dark. pepco says nearly 50,000 people still don't have power. dominion virginia appears to be on track and bge still has about 400 customers in the dark. someone businesses are still in the dark while others are jam packed. melanie alnwick shows us. >> reporter: these tables should be filled with the lunchtime crowds drinking wine on the patio. the old angler's inn is eerily silent, shut down because of the power outage. >> this is pretty bad. >> the statement story at bizou. >> we were going to have a full
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restaurant every night of the week. >> reporter: friedman lost thousands just in his freezer. on a given day, the walk-in is completely full. we had to empty out everything. >> reporter: even worse, it is restaurant week which chefs count on special deals to bring in people during the slow season. >> this is an opportunity for to us meet new clients an get new people into the restaurant and expand our business. >> reporter: in chevy chase, chef jeff tracy has the opposite problem. >> we were fielding about 20, 25 calls every afternoon and my manager, nick being was like yes, we're open. he said i should start answering the phone, good evening, thank you for calling, yes, we have electricity. >> reporter: with his lights on, leah's restaurant has become a beacon in the night for those without power. >> sunday and monday night, we saw about a 50% increase in business. >> reporter: they expected a boost from restaurant week but
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the outage put them and many other open restaurants over the top. he feels to chefs who are missing out. >> i've been on the other side where our power is off and it is a mess. it is very difficult to deal with t. >> reporter: they will have to start from scratch here and hope the power comes back before restaurant week is open. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. good wednesday morning. it is a mess out there. this is van dorn street, the inner loop. all lanes blocked as the result of a fiery crash. we'll talk with julie about that in just a few minutes. good morning. thank you for joining us for fox 5 morning news. we do have a school alert. twenty-eight schools in montgomery county still don't have power as of last night. power remains off. all activities remain off at those schools. for more information, you can
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go to the montgomery county schools web site to see the complete list and we've butt that ad -- we've put that address on your screen. the power outages causing a lot of the problems and that because of the storms on sunday. yesterday, it was so nice outside, you almost forgot about the storms on sunday. almost. >> yesterday wasn't too bad with high temperatures in the 80s. it will be kind of muggy out there today. >> we knew it would make a comeback. >> yeah, it's back. let's get to the numbers and we'll talk about temperatures right now not cooling off again. 78 at reagan national. humidity, 68%. there are your southerly winds south and west at nine miles per hour. pressure is falling a little
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bit. take a look at our satellite- radar. some cloud cover across the area. you see it moving off to south it will be a partly sunny day. it won't be perfectly sunny out there with a few scattered showers, maybe a norm developing during the course of the late afternoon. you will notice the humidity around here. low 90s back. 93 in washington. 94 in baltimore. 94 in fredericksburg. >> we will talk to julie about that crash at vicente arenas dorn coming up in just a few minutes. we are following breaking news of a plane crash in pakistan. early this morning, a plane with 152 people crashed on approach to the airport in islamabad. twenty-five people are dead and another five injured but many more are feared dead. fire and smoke were seen in the
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hills above the airport. rescuers are struggling through thick forest to get to the scene. you can stay with fox 5 throughout the morning for updates on this breaking story. another big story that wear following this morning. nine lives lost. metro's safety in question. federal investigators have released their findings in that tragic train accident. it seems metro still has a lot of work to do. sarah simmons joins us live from near the fort totten station in washington with more on thes in the b the -- on the ntsb investigation and the recommendations. >> reporter: these are just recommendations. they cannot force metro to comply here. but the ntsb did not hold back during that panel yesterday. they say metro was on a collision course long before the june 22nd crash last year that killed nine and injured 5
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# others near the fort totten metro. the ntsb says metro ignored repeated warning alarms that were going off showing a lack of concern about safety. in fact, during the time of the accident, signal malfunctions were common and they are still occurring today. >> actions could have been taken to revolve the problem and prevent the accident. >> reporter: metro's general manager says they are carefully considering the comment made by the ntsb the ntsb also made a recommendation to scrap the 1,000 series cars that we have talked about that were involved in last area's crash. metro has made a purchase order for new cars but those still are not supposed to show up for the next four years in the system. so they are still waiting on that recommendation as well. we're live at the fort totten metro, sarah simmons, fox 5
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news. back to you. >> thank you. if you want to read more about the ntsb findings, before a link to the synopsis of the report on our web site, for those waking up after a third night in the dark, the aftermath of our sunday's veer storms is getting kind of old. pepco is still reporting nearly 50,000 customers don't have power. many businesses still in the dark at rockville town center. >> they should have had this done already. this is ridiculous. we've got people out of work. we've got food g t bad. >> phone and cable companies are working to get service back to their customers. comcast officials are unable to tell us how many of theirs still have no television or internet. water should be restored after a messy situation in adams morgan a bad valve created big problems with the water main. yesterday, that repair work
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shut down the intersection of florida, 18th and u for several hours. a man accused of killing two mothers and their daughters in prince george's county last year has been indicted on two of those murders. the suspect is 27-year-old jason scott. police say he is a serial killer with an extensive criminal history. he has a college degree from the university of maryland college and neighbors say he comes from a good family. authorities say his work behind the scenes at ups was a key part of their investigation. he was indicted in the murder of dolores dewitt and her daughter ebony dewitt. >> this individual is a very bad person and i will tell that you. i mentioned that last week. we think we have just begun a long journey that will take us beyond the borders of prince george's county. >> investigators believe scott may also be responsible for the
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murders of karen and carissa lofton. the loftons were found shot to death inside their home about a mile away. checking more headlines this morning, another oil spill minister gulf. the latest on efforts to contain this spill and a milestone in the massive bp spill. nationals fans are holding their breath this morning. we'll get the latest on stephen strasburg's injury coming up a little bit later in our sports breakfast. stay with us. you are watching fox 5 morning news.  [ poof! ] who are you?!? i'm your "genie"! weren't you just wishing for something more nutritious to eat? i was! well, you could enjoy the taste of decadent dark chocolate, the crunch of almonds, plus 35% of your daily fiber... plus antioxidants in a kellogg's fiber plus bar.
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introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generation of does. the coast guard is monitoring yet another oil spill in the gulf. it is near new orleans. it happened when a tugboat pushing a barge slammed into an abandoned well yesterday. that isn't a plume of oil and gas into the air. authorities say they are confident the leak will be stopped quickly. it is now day 100 in the disaster in the gulf an there is a new man at the top of bp.
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bob dudley is replacing tony hayward as chief executive officer of british petroleum. analysts say replacing hayward with an american is a step in the right intersection but some are still skeptical about bp's few tour. >> it will take many, many, many years for them to repolish their image. i think their image is shot in this country and probably around the world. >> i believe they need to make a lot of changes in order to stop this from happening again. >> dudley, who is from louisiana, says bp will learn from the investigation into this spill. president obama is talking publicly now about that massive leak of secret military reports. he says leaking classified information from the battlefield could put service members and military operations at risk. it could take several weeks for the defense department to go through all of the documents recently published on wikileaks. according to fox news, there are reports that iran may be funding and arming the taliban.
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the president says nothing in these reports is new information. >> while i'm concerned about the disclosure of sensitive information from the battlefield that could potentially jeopardize individuals or operations, the fact is these documents don't reveal any issues that haven't already informed our public debate on afghanistan. >> the government is looking at army intelligence officer bradley manning from potomac, maryland as a possible person behind these leaks. he is already charged with leaking this video for wikileaks. the pentagon cannot account for $8.7 billion meant to rebuild iraq. an audit says the defense department doesn't know how the funds were spent. they say the money is not missing. the military just doesn't know where it went. there are new reports that new york congressman charlie rangel is trying to work out a plea deal to avoid an ethics
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trial scheduled to begin tomorrow. earlier negotiations broke down when rangel would only admit to some allegations which wasn't enough to satisfy the ethics committee. >> i'm looking for a resolution of the very serious allegations that have been made against me. for almost two years, i've been waiting for an opportunity to respond. >> rangel has sevenned in congress for 40 years and he says he just wants to clear his name. controversy for southwest airlines i'm woman forced to give up her seat for an overweight teenager. coming up next, hear how southwest is defending its decision. the heat and humidity will be back. i'll have the details on the forecast. maybe a thunderstorm out there as well this afternoon. julie wright will be in at some point with your traffic. having lots of problems on the beltway at van dorn street. we'll have those details coming up for you in just a couple of minutes. 
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if you want to enter, go to our web site. find the contest on our entertainment page. you can enter until 10:00 this morning. we've put the contest rules there. you need to be 18 years old to enter. two win ares will be selected by random drawing today. the prize, awe pair of tickets provided by live nation entertainment. be sure to watch tomorrow for your chance to win brooks and dunn tickets. that show sunday. we have a school alert to pass along this morning. twenty-eight schools in montgomery county still don't have power so all activity at those 28 schools will be canceled. you can go to montgomery county school's web site to see the list. we do hope to get an update by 60. >> i got my power back. it was off for two days. that is not fun. >> we lost power for about five or six days during the blizzard so i certainly feel for those
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people that don't have it. >> it is tough. >> if there is any bit of positive news, the temperatures at least weren't that bad. >> only upper 80s yesterday. let's hope the power gets returned today because it will get increasingly more uncomfortable. >> do you and i disagree about what i nice day it was yesterday because i loved it. >> i liked yesterday as well. i just -- forecasting-wise, i was a little bit disappointed we didn't have quite as much sunshine and a little more humidity but i strife for perfection. gurvir is right. it was a nice day temperature- wise. 87 the winning number at all three area airports. i am going to guess that is one of our coolest days in about three week here in washington. i'm going to look. the humidity was in check yesterday. weid have a lot of cloud cover across the area as we had some storminess to the south
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and the clouds buoy off here. 78 currently in washington. 76 in quantity i toe. v the clouds blew off here. 76 in quantico. highs later today, right back into the low to mid-90s. we'll watch the temperature jump very quickly here this morning. we'll be dealing with partly sunny skies as we have a couple of different players here in the atmosphere. we'll have some cloud cover and at least the possibility i have scattered thunderstorm. i think the chances are maybe 10, 20%. as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow, that is a vigorous cold front. that will bring us much cooler and drier air for friday for the weekend p maybe some strong thunderstorms ahead of that frontal system as it comes through late in the day
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tomorrow. we have to watch the weather here the next couple of days. today, shouldn't be any problems with severe weather. mentioned the possibility of a scattered thunderstorm later today. i think most of us will be dry later today. wind oust south at five to 106789 the all-important five- day forecast. 92 tomorrow. possibility of a few strong storms tomorrow afternoon with the thunderstorms and that cold front and then look at the cooler air. friday, saturday, sunday being mid- to upper 80s and the humidity should be very pleasant around here for friday and saturday. that is good news. let's get to on-time traffic and speaking of -- well, let's hope we get some good news out on the beltway. >> if you are traveling the beltway inner loop over near van dorn street, we had an early morning crash. the beltway outer loop was also tied up and affected by this as well. on the inner loop, some traffic is able to squeeze by to the right using the two right lane as you travel the inner loop. the beltway. this is coming from the wilson
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bridge in the direction of the springfield interchange. on the outer loop, we had fire and rescue responding. they have moved off now so lanes on the outer loop are now open. the eyesore will be the inner loop, vicente arenas dorn. no problems off the inner loop out of bethesda. according to montgomery county police, still about 30 intersections without power. if you come to an intersection where the traffic lights are not working, you need to treat it as a four-way stop. montgomery county employees are getting more time off instead of pay raises. the county executive agreed to give extra paid vacations to make up for salary freeze and furloughs. the government workers and police officers will get 26 extra hours. firefighters up to 48. first lady michelle obama and her youngest daughter are gearing occupy for a vacation. mrs.obama and sasha are
4:51 am
traveling to spain next movement the white house describes the vacation as a private mother-daughter trip with nine-year-old sasha and some long-time friends. the first lady is expected to pay an official visit to the king and queen of spain. a former first daughter will be getting the royal treatment this weekend at her wedding. chelsea clinton will tie the knot. clinton and her fiance will reportedly have about 400 guests at the wedding not including globe ad media and then there is the security paid for by the town's taxpayers. bill,$2,500. some don't think it is a big beale. others think that former president clinton should reimburse the security costs. >> $2,500? no, if you said, $100,000, maybe but that is not a lot of money. >> a big problem, yes. the taxpayers are going to get stuck again as usual.
4:52 am
he has to pay. he's going to pay. utah wedding itself estimated to cost as much as $3 million. we have a health alert. new recommendations for children with lice. froms now say they don't necessarily have to stay home from school. updated pediatric guideline say just because nits are found in the child's air, that doesn't mean they are infected with head lice. you've heard the warnings about the chemical bisphenol a. research ares show the risk from handling bpa laden receipts can be significant. kicked off an airplane just to make room for an owe begs passenger flying stand-by. southwest airlines is trying to explain why it removed the
4:53 am
passenger who hay confirmed ticket. opinions are divided. we have a report. >> reporter: it is irritating enough to get bumped from a flight but to be told to get off because an overweight passenger needs two seats? weather anterior lines admits it happenedy to petite woman on a recent flight from live to sacramento. >> that was her seat. how district attorney they are kick her off. >> the woman was thighing stand- by and had just settled in the last available seat and the flight crew tolder an obese 14- year-old passenger who showed up late needed two seats. so the 110-pound woman was kicked off the plane even though the teenager paid for only one seat. >> i think they made the right decision t could have been traumatizing for that young boy, 14 years old to be removed toronto plane because he needs two seats. >> reporter: this is not southwest's first run-in with plus-size problems. director kevin smith criticized the airline several months ago after he got kicked off because
4:54 am
of his girth. on twitter, he wrote, if you look hike me, you may be ejected from southwest air. >> i said lady, i ain't going to sue for calling me fat. >> reporter: is this type of thing bad publicity for southwest? sure but legally they are within their rights y little a very real issue because the airlines have seats a certain size. they can't retool these aircraft. >> reporter: but this aviation attorney says southwest could have handled the situation better. the airline has been criticized for the policy that has been in place since 1980 requiring obese passengers to pay for two seats. >> they probably should have asked for volunteers to get off in order to make a seat for the 14-year-old. >> reporter: in a statement to fox 5rbgs southwest airline says when transporting millions of customers a year, we are sometimes faced with extenuating circumstances and we try to make the best decisions possible.
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the events that took lace were certainly not reflective of a typical flight. we have retched out to the adult customer who was accommodated on the next night out and reimbursed her fare for the inconvenience. we're physicalling a developing story surrounding the nationals this morning. injury concerns for pitching phenom stephen strasburg. he was scratched from last night's start. we'll get an injury update. coming up later on in our fox 5 money report, some insider secrets for getting bottle of wine without pouring out your bank account. guys remember,
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jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade. ♪ th♪ now i know slow ♪ freedom is all that i need [ female announcer ] ladies, raise your spoons. now there's nothing left standing between you and a satisfying breakfast. introducing special k® low-fat granola. with 50% less fat than the leading granola and 5 grams of fiber per serving, it's a satisfying way to help you manage your weight. special k® low-fat granola -- a taste of freedom. a good wednesday morning to you. dave ross here with your sports breakfast. last night was supposed to be stephen strasburg's tenth major league start. now, we wonder if he has
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started for final time this season. after being trite in warm-up, he was scratched from the line- up. is now day to day but then again, aren't we all trouble started about # 51. shoulder didn't feel right. nothing felt right. they said hey, let's sit this one out. he has had an mri and everything looks okay. right now, it is antiinflammatories and some rest. >> i think everybody just was concerned that -- everybody knows how good he is and what he means to us so there was some concern for sure. i think everybody kind. got the message that this is precautionary. he is going to be fine. >> there was a game to be played and the nat played quite well. two runs will score. 3-0. wouldn't you know. it the guy that replaced stephen strasburg did his best
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strasburg impression. five shut-out innings, six strikeouts. nats win 3-0. bird win in toronto. jake fox thinks he has a base hit. you got to look at this one again to appreciate it. watch what escobar does. the glove will never touch his hand. he flips it and all he can do is laugh. they beat the os 8-2. redskins training camp begins tomorrow. i'll be out there for the next two and a half weeks. but yesterday, the day before the day before, chris cooley, dave if he would manned an myselfself went to play a little golf. that is not where you want to find your ball. he played three holes. cooley won the second hole. you needed this to force the playoff. yeah, baby, i got it. this is all for the dave versus dave playoff. we'll find out


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